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About Lawns of the West

All synthetic grass is not created equal. Lower quality synthetic grass manufacturers are making and distributing low cost, low quality turf in high volume to capitalize on increased consumer interest. These competitor products were created with inferior materials and have poorly engineered drainage systems and backings. ​

Proper drainage is vital to the life of all synthetic turf installations. Most turf manufacturers offer a product with holes burned in the backing for drainage. This backing does not drain effectively and often causes the smell of urine to develop in a very short time. An additional weed barrier product also needs to be installed to prevent weeds from growing up through the turf. This additional barrier to liquid flow further restricts drainage increasing odor buildup, water pooling and displacement of infill.  

Lawns of the West simply believes that water is the old oil. A precious resource that should be spent on people, not wasted on living grass. Unless you are in the southeast, the living grass in your yard is artificial. To survive, it must consume more water than our arid western climate naturally provides.

However, alternatives to living grass compromise either beauty or usability. While native grasses and Xeriscape definitely provide water savings, you are not going to picnic or play with the kids on them. And until recently, beautiful or realistic were adjectives not associated with synthetic turf systems.

But times have changed. We have all seen the new playing surfaces that look and perform better than ‘natural’ grass sod fields. I wanted that in my yard! Being a ‘do-it-yourself’er, I also wanted to install it myself. I quickly found two problems. First, the retail market is flooded with low cost, significantly inferior turf, not the professional athletic turf I wanted. Second, proper installation requires tools and equipment that are not available for rental.

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About the Manufacturer

UltimateGrass is made by FieldTurf, the international leader for sports field turf surfacing, and is the “Turf-of-Choice” of NFL, MLB, FIFA, and thousands of college and high school athletes. FieldTurf leads the industry in new product development. The same technology and manufacturing processes used in NFL stadiums are also used in UltimateGrass.  

UltimateGrass includes the MaxxFlow™ turf backing, exclusive to FieldTurf products. MaxxFlow™ is a remarkable new turf coating process, provides a 100% porous backing and drains at a previously unmatched rates. MaxxFlow™ also includes a built-in weed barrier.

FieldTurf’s continued dedication to research, development and product innovation ensures you will always have industry-leading synthetic grass products available to you through Lawns of the West.
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Everyone referred me to landscapers who said basically the same thing - “heard of it, could install it” but couldn't tell me anything about the science. I knew more and had done more research than them!

Asking landscapers about synthetic turf is like asking the Post Office about e-mail. Lawns of the West was created to be synthetic turf experts that can also do traditional landscaping, not the other way around. Like anyone, we can move rock, plant flowers and trees, fix irrigation and even do Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens and Pavers.  

But as synthetic turf experts, Lawns of the West proudly sells and installs only the absolute best product available anywhere. UltimateGrass will last longer, look better and perform better than any turf product on the market.

Best Materials - Best Practices - Best Warranty - Guaranteed

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